"Wealth" unveiled

Mario Basner releases latest work titled "Wealth"

Only 7 months ago Mario released the World Heritage Collection which was met with an overwhelming positive reception from collectors and has been recognized by some of the most prominent professional photography institutions.

On August 17th Mario released his highly anticipated new addition to the multi award winning collection. 


The stunning piece, entitled "Wealth", portrays the George Peabody library in Baltimore on the grounds of Johns Hopkins University. At 73 x 120", it constitutes the largest monolithic photographic art piece in Las Vegas and offers an incredible journey into one of the most beautiful historic libraries in the world.

"Wealth" explores the significance of books and traditional libraries in the Information age. It questions inspiration vs. information and portrays the deeper meaning and inspirational qualities offered by historic books.


The library contains over 300,00 volumes, allowing the viewer to experience a profound appreciation for the inconceivable amount of intellectual wealth.

Mario considers knowledge one of the only truly sustainable forms of wealth.

This breathtaking piece from the true master of realism can now be acquired at the World Heritage Collection gallery in Tivoli Village Las Vegas, Nevada. Collectors will be delighted to hear that Mario has also released an accompanying piece entitled "Moreri".


September 16, 2017